Commissioning Teachers –

Have you scheduled a Sunday in which you will recognize all those volunteers who minister with children, youth, and adults? Whether you call them “teacher” or not, they will be the front line for mentoring and passing along the faith to young and old alike. Download this Commissioning of Church School Teachers, or adapt it for your own use. 

Teacher Training –  

If you are looking for teacher training resources, check out these items:

1)Opening Doors to Discipleship – – This free web-based program features 4 courses: A) Teaching Skills; B) Bible Background; C) Presbyterian/Reformed Faith; D) Discipleship.  The courses can be done by individuals or in a group setting.  The PCUSA login code is 31627.

1)    Equipping the Saints by Sara Covin Juengst – This book provides a nine-month teacher-training course that covers biblical background, basic Christian beliefs, and good teaching techniques.  This book is available for borrowing in Presbytery’s Resource Center.  800-277-7479 or .