Three Intergenerational Ways to Practice Gratitude

The link below shares three fun intergenerational ways to practice gratitude.

You’ll find more ideas in the gratitude section of the Faith Practices Project!


Starting the School Year Faithfully – Faith Practicing Tools for Home

While the idea of faith in the home may seem daunting, it is, in fact, simply bringing intention to the things that you already do. You don’t need special supplies or curriculum; all you need is a willingness to open the routines of your daily life to acknowledge and celebrate the presence of God.

God lives not in the sanctuary of our churches (as 2020 surely taught us!), but in our very being: so practicing faith in the home requires simply tuning in to that presence, wondering together as a family, and embracing the resulting conversations. It is our hope that
the tools on this quicksheet will help develop that practice. Start by just trying one, and then maybe add another in a coming week.

Find the tools for starting the school year faithfully at this link

Five Back Pocket Games for “Non-Game” People from Building Faith

As we continue our transition back to in-person work, ministry, and gatherings of all kinds, creating opportunities to foster connection in our communities is critical. The pandemic heavily impacted our level of comfort interacting with others. For this reason, it’s helpful not to ask our communities to overextend themselves. Here’s a list of games we’ve put together that require very little effort from facilitators and participants.

Intergenerational Curriculum

Building Faith’s Top Picks for Intergenerational Curriculum

Looking for the “best” intergenerational ministry curriculum? There are a variety of options from different publishers and denominations. The right choice depends entirely on your context and goals. Below you’ll find a link to a list of Building Faith’s favorite curriculum options based on theology, availability, and pedagogy. The articles in our curriculum center can help you identify your needs, capabilities, and hopes. Looking for more support? Join our free weekly Office Hours or reach out via email to

The article shares tips for ways to use the list of best intergenerational curriculum and then lists the top picks for you to discover. Find the article at the link below.

Beyond Item Collections: 15 Outreach Ideas To Engage Children (& Everyone Else Too!)

Buidling Faith website shares some great ideas for getting children, youth and adults involved in outreach.

The article shares Ideas that involve animals, retirement communities, hospitals, community helpers, homeless shelters and even your own church.

Holy Week Fair

Karen Ware Jackson was hosting a webinar recently and mentioned a Holy Week Fair her church offered for their children and families last year. Her church traditionally hosts the Easter Egg Hunt on Palm Sunday, and she wanted to offer a little more faith formation around it.
​This fair is best for kids 3- 12 years old. It’s written with multiple stations that are best set up in different rooms, but can be adapted for a single space or even outdoors. It really depends on your space. Be creative!
All page numbers refer to Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible  
Click Here for a PDF of the Directions.

Building Faith’s 2021 Top Picks for Children’s Ministry Curriculum

Looking for the “best” curriculum for your children’s ministry? There are many options from a variety of publishers and denominations. The right choice depends entirely on your context and goals.

Check out this article from Building Faith at this website.

Building Faith’s Top Picks for Children’s Ministry Curriculum (