The Best in Youth Confirmation in a Nutshell

If you are interested in some of the latest, comprehensive research on youth confirmation, Sharon Ely Pearson has posted a blog sharing what she has gleaned from a recent study. For the past couple of years, the ecumenical Confirmation Project has been studying the aspects of confirmation. Youth, mentors and parents have been interviewed. Practices and programs have been studied.

Sharon’s post includes four dimensions of confirmation: Design, Leadership, Ecology and Curriculum.

Please take a look at what she shares on her Rows of Sharon blog – .




LET’S DO SOME PLANNING…Faith Formation that aligns HEAD, HEART & HANDS

Head, Heart, and Hands – blog from Vibrant Faith @ Home

A Country CandidThe Faith Formation team at the Catholic Community of St. Peter in Charlotte, NC understands the importance and power of alignment. They’re working on a faith formation plan that will align head, heart, and hands.

Each month throughout the year, they will conduct a whole-community intergenerational learning program focused on some aspect of the Bible. Their “head” goal for the year is to enhance every member’s biblical literacy and help them see the relevance of God’s Living Word in their lives.

Following each intergenerational session, all parishioners will be expected to do an activity from Vibrant Faith @ Home, carefully selected to pertain to the topic of the month. Their “heart” goal for the year (and beyond) is to empower people to share about their faith at home.

Also, each month members will be encouraged to participate in a designated service/immersion activity. Their “hands” goal for the year is to get all members to recognize that learning about the Bible (head) and sharing faith at home (heart) should automatically lead to works of mercy and acts of justice for the sake of others (hands).

Here’s an example from their plan:

(Head) – Intergenerational Session on Introduction to Lectionary Year B
(Heart) – Vibrant Faith @ Home activity Sowing Seed
(Hands) – Refugee Event Serving with Catholic Charities
(Heart) – Vibrant Faith @ Home activity Welcoming the Stranger

That’s alignment.

As you plan your faith formation programming for next year, think about how you can align head, heart, and hands.  Access the many faith formation activities at .

Leif Kehrwald,Leif Kehrwald