40 Day Pentecost Devotional

40 Days With the Holy Spirit (Book for Adults)
If you think that the Holy Spirit’s only “big day” was Pentecost, think again. In 40 Days with the Holy Spirit, Jack Levison artfully and intelligently unpacks the Holy Spirit’s works throughout the entire Bible (and today) in a 40 day devotional format. Adults and church groups alike will be inspired along a journey of knowing the Holy Spirit better. Framing the book are seven verbs that Levison uses for the devotions:
Breathe… Pray … Practice … Learn … Lead … Build … Blossom

Learn more at the buildingfaith.org post – https://buildfaith.org/two-spirit-filled-books-to-ignite-your-pentecost/?fbclid=IwAR2_0_sJjyjtm1IATz3_He_fXerHddboOVd11ZEhEvc7we_0OiizvVNUhk4 

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