Poise of the Soul: A Yoga Worship Service

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Reposted from Key Resources – http://www.keyhallonline.org/

This past year, St. Alban’s Parish in Washington, DC, conducted a bold experiment in liturgy.

Associate rector Jim Quigley and I, with the support of parishioner Sally Craig, piloted a yoga worship service. We called it A Poise of the Soul: Yoga as Liturgy, and strung a large banner outside to advertise the monthly Friday-night offering. People of all ages showed up for six months to move, pray, and connect.

As Jim explained in a Facebook post, A Poise of the Soul is not “yoga next to liturgy or near liturgy or in the parish hall before or after … [but rather] a new way to pray.”

Why should we want explore a new way to pray? Well, anyone who spends much time in yoga studios sees the spiritual hunger in urban Millennials. Studios support their spiritual stirrings with yoga classes that align movement with breath and that frequently involve meditation, chanting, and short homilies aimed at spiritual centering and uplift.

Jim, Sally, and I set out to address these growing ranks of the spiritual-but-not-religious. We also reached out to churched folk interested in exploring new ways to practice their faith.  

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