Judy Urban: Bringing New Life to Your Congregation

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Reposted from Alban at Duke Divinity School. They share an article by Judy Urban about engaging our current members and new members in our church’s vision.


Many congregations are struggling to keep existing members and attract new ones. Today’s faith communities are reexamining everything in an effort to more fully engage existing members and draw in potential new members.

The understanding is growing that congregational leaders need to focus more on engaging the gifts and passions of their members in the ministries and mission of the church. In fact, this must be a main focus of all leadership in church work — namely, to equip the people of God for ministry. We, as congregational leaders, affect how ministry gets accomplished by the way we invite volunteers into ministry, by the way we encourage, support, supervise, thank, and celebrate volunteer ministers.

Read the entire article at https://alban.org/2016/06/07/judy-urban-bringing-new-life-to-your-congregation/ 

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