Exploring the Trinity with Children

This post shares a visual way to approach the Trinity with children.

trinity icon angels

“Comprehending the Trinity as a adult is hard enough; how do we explain it to children? We can talk about the many ways we know God…”




The Doctrine of the Trinity
The Trinity is the belief that God is revealed to us in three persons existing in a mutual relationship of love. It is the total revelation of God: God the Father as Creator; God the Son as Redeemer; God the Holy Spirit as Sanctifier and Comforter. Our understanding of the Trinity arises from the biblical, credal, and doctrinal statements that emerged from the creative struggles of theologians in the church to understand and talk about the nature of God.

Sharon Pearson shares a way to approach discussion of the Trinity with children in a BuildingFaith.org post.  Find her useful article at http://www.buildfaith.org/exploring-the-trinity-with-children/ .  .

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