Planning Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday Resources

On Sunday, August 21, congregations in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) are invited—as a response to the Lord’s Day emphasis of “Youth in the Church and World“—to be led in worship by the youth and adult youth workers of their church.

The Presbyterian Mission Agency, through the Office of Ministries with Youth, is pleased to offer a free resource entitled, “Out of Many We Are One,” that provides a detailed outline of a “Youth Sunday,” youth-led worship service. It vividly illustrates passages in Paul’s letters to the Roman and Corinthian communities that focus on the relationship between being individual parts of a body versus the body as a whole. The resource contains a complete worship service with leader notes, hymn suggestions, and even instructive photographs for interactive prayers of the people. The service is a perfect and fun order of worship for a specific Youth Sunday, for a “Youth in the Church and World” emphasis, or any worship opportunity led by youth any time of the year. “Out of Many We Are One” was written by Rev. Jeremy Wilhelmi and first led by Wilhelmi and the youth of Salisbury Presbyterian Church, Midlothian, Virginia.


Out of Many We Are One” is a part of the Quicksheets resource family. Quicksheets are fast, fresh, and relevant downloadable resources created by youth workers for those active in youth ministry. Quicksheets are free and available online at: .



What to do with Old Hymnals

  1. Reuse: Find a New Home for your hymnals!
    1. The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada will post a notice in their widely read newsletter the Verse regarding donated hymnals. Please send all pertinent information to sends e-mail).
    2. Check with other churches in your area— those who continue to use the previous Psalter Hymnals may need to replace hymnals that are in poor condition.
    3. Donate them to the library—your church library, the local public library, school libraries, etc.
    4. Donate them to a retirement community or nursing home in your area.
    5. Donate them to Goodwill or another thrift store. However, it might be wise to make sure that they are not inundated with hymnals… Our best guess—no thrift store is going to want 300 copies of the same book on their shelves.
  2. Repurpose
    1. Use the pages of the hymnal for craft projects:
      1. Christmas ornaments (shred pages of a hymnal and put them in glass ball ornaments)
      2. Candle decorating
      3. Frame your favorite hymn
      4. Pinterest(link is external) has many fun ideas! Simply search “hymnal” and you will find more than you know what to do with…
    2. Keep them as a “resource” book instead of the main book.
    3. Send them home with the congregation, and encourage them to also purchase “Lift Up Your Hearts.”
  3. Recycle
    1. Contact a local recycling center and see what their policy is regarding books.
      1. The 1987 Psalter Hymnal (gray) is smyth sewn and case bound—you will need this information for recycling.
      2. Having only a small number of hymnals to recycle can cause problems for some recycling companies. We recommend Mission Centers work together to help congregations locate brokering opportunities for recycling.
      3. Anyone who throws away large quantities of paper or books might know of local recycling opportunities. Contact paper mills, paper companies, or publishing companies.
      4. Ask the recycling center if there is a charge.
      5. Cellulose insulation companies are a good source to contact for recycling the hymnals.
      6. If the community has curbside recycling, check their FAQ sheet to see if they accept books.

Soul Feast An Inspirational Coloring Book

Many of you many be familiar with Marjorie Thompson’s, wonderful book titled “Soul Feat: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life”.  There is a new improved edition of the book and also this new COLORING BOOK to accompany it.

Designed to give you both peace and inspiration, Soul Feast contains 25 illustrations for coloring in along with 25 quotes and prayers for reflection. Exploring important spiritual practices such as “Coloring as Prayer” and “Spiritual Reading,” this adult coloring book is perfect for meditation and relaxation. Find more information about the coloring book and the new edition of “Soul Feast” at Westminster John Knox Press.

Children’s Sabbath

What is Children’s Sabbath?

Freedom School at CN JenkinsAnd How can my congregation get involved?

The National Observance of Children’s Sabbath, sponsored and resourced by the Children’s Defense Fund, is a time for people of all faiths to unite in shared concern for children and common commitment to improving children’s lives and working for justice on their behalf. Children’s Sabbath is typically observed in October. The PC(USA) planning calendar has designated Sunday, Oct. 23 for celebrating Children’s Sabbath and Educate a Child, Transform the World.

As part of the “Educate a Child, Transform the World” Initiative, Presbyterians across the country are encouraged to join in observance through worship, education, and action.

Learn more about Children’s Sabbath

Learn about Educate a Child, Transform the World

Photo Credit: C.N. Jenkins Presbyterian Church Freedom School Program

Get Involved

Observe children’s Sabbath in your own faith community

Consider showing this video in worship or a Christian Education class on Children’s Sabbath. Discuss your reactions to what you saw, heard, and felt.

Use the following resources to advocate for children through worship, education, and action. When 2016 resources are available, these resources will be updated.

2015 Children’s Sabbath Manual

Worship Resources (Christian)

Christian Education Resources

Ideas for Planning a Multi-Faith Children’s Sabbath

Resources for a Multi-Faith Children’s Sabbath Celebration

Once you’ve observed Children’s Sabbath, tell us about it. Email Rev. Alonzo Johnson, convener of the Educate a Child National Staff Team,

Further Resources

For continued involvement in child advocacy

All resources courtesy of the Children’s Defense Fund.
Photo Credit: C.N. Jenkins Presbyterian Church Freedom School Program

Exploring the Trinity with Children

This post shares a visual way to approach the Trinity with children.

trinity icon angels

“Comprehending the Trinity as a adult is hard enough; how do we explain it to children? We can talk about the many ways we know God…”




The Doctrine of the Trinity
The Trinity is the belief that God is revealed to us in three persons existing in a mutual relationship of love. It is the total revelation of God: God the Father as Creator; God the Son as Redeemer; God the Holy Spirit as Sanctifier and Comforter. Our understanding of the Trinity arises from the biblical, credal, and doctrinal statements that emerged from the creative struggles of theologians in the church to understand and talk about the nature of God.

Sharon Pearson shares a way to approach discussion of the Trinity with children in a post.  Find her useful article at .  .