Intergenerational Prayer Stations on Creation & Forgiveness


Theresa Cho on her Still Waters blog has provided a new prayer station on creation and forgiveness based on Genesis 2 & 3.

With Fall arriving, it fits perfectly into the season and encourages all ages to participate.

Use your imagination and create a forgiveness tree, have the children gather fallen leaves, collect some ribbon, markers, and sticky notes and you are ready to create an interactive, sacred experience of forgiveness!

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Joining the Angel’s Song: Meditations on Advent Hymns and Christmas Carols

Social Media Sunday – Sept. 25th

Social Media Sunday – Building Faith | Building Faith by Sarah Stonesifer

Social Media Sunday – Building Faith | Building Faith


“Social Media Sunday, with the hashtag #SMS2016, can easily integrate into worship, fellowship time, or even beyond with faith formation opportunities.”

Social Media Sunday is September 25th

How social media savvy are you? What about your congregation and its leaders? On September 25th, churches around the world are invited to playfully explore these questions.  Social Media Sunday is an ecumenical effort to share the good news about building community online. This annual event gives faith communities an opportunity to consider how to reach out online, digitally welcome people, and share their story. There is still plenty of time to begin planning! To get started, join the Social Media Sunday Facebook Group.

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