Planning Ahead for Advent and Christmas

Intermediate Lesson Plan

From Carolyn Brown’s facebook post – worshiping with children

In the Topical Index on the Worshiping with Children blog there is a list of 15 posts about everything from Christmas stories that work in the sanctuary to how to include children in singing carols when they sing them only at church to a plan for a Christmas Eve family service and more. Follow the links under “Advent, Christmas, Epiphany” at… to find grist for your December mill.

Because Christmas falls on Sunday this year, look at both Christmas Eve/Day for 2015 (…/year-c-christm… ) and Christmas Eve/Day for 2013 (…/year-christmas… ). The former is the most recent post for the Christmas texts which are the same in years A, B and C and so offers most of the cumulative ideas. The latter however offers separate ideas for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that may prove useful this year.

And, rejoice there is still time for bigger projects – Chrismon trees, homemade crèche, even child-created star-studded Advent paraments for the sanctuary – maybe made during VBS or during fellowship hours after worship? Go to…/at-this-point-… for the star banner directions.

So, it might not be too early to start thinking about Christmas. BTW, I find that when I do that in June or July, the process is helped by making and eating one favorite Christmas food – gumdrop cookies for me.

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