A Strange Book of Books – A Theocademy Presentation

Are you looking for a summer study for adults?

The Theocademy web site has two new series for us to explore. The STRANGE BOOK OF BOOKS opens the door to a new way of approaching the Bible by providing 10 short video presentations by Aric Clark.

The problem with the Bible is that we think we already know what it says. But do we, really? Do we really understand that the Bible has its origins in a collection of stories that were told out loud? Do we really understand how the Bible compares to other stories in other cultures? Do we really understand the deeply political agenda of many of the Bible’s texts?

Watch the series online for free or purchase the DVD.  A study guide can also be purchased and downloaded for $5.00.

Join host Aric Clark as he introduces us, again, to the Bible. Explore this new Theocademy 10-video series to become reacquainted with this “Strange Book of Books”. http://www.theocademy.com/strange-books

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