Children’s Storybook about Pentecost

Reposted from Carolyn Brown’s blog – Worshiping with Children

Good children’s storybooks about Pentecost are few and far between. So when a new one appears it is worth sharing. “The Day When God Made Church: A Child’s First Book about Pentecost,” by Rebekah McLeod Hutto, is a good addition to a church’s resources for children’s classes and libraries. Though it is rather long (5 minutes to read aloud), it could also be read in worship. Read it just before or after reading the biblical text to add color and detail to the story. If you are lucky enough to have a small number of children, read it with them seated around you so they can follow the wonderful illustrations. Savor the TALL words in the text and pause to reflect on the details in the pictures. 

If you observe Ascension of the Lord on the Sunday before Pentecost, read only the first three pages about WAITING just before the benediction of that service and invite worshipers back the following week for the story and party that come next.

I mention this book now so that you have time to order it as you plan for Pentecost on May 15.

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