Easter Children’s Litany

Easter: The Light of the World

From March 2006 Pockets Magazine (http://www.upperroom.org/pockets/ 

One: Jesus came and walked among us

 All: And told us about God’s great love for us.

 One: Jesus came and walked among us

 All: And taught and healed.

 One: And then he was gone, killed by people who thought they needed to protect their power

 All: And by crowds who let themselves be talked into turning against Jesus.

 One: That day was very dark and very sad.

 All: Our hearts were broken, and we felt empty.

 One: But that was Friday,

 All: And today is Sunday,

 One: And everything is different!

 All: Jesus is alive!

 One: And because Jesus is alive, we are Easter people!

 All: We have hope and joy and new life!

 One: We are healers and peacemakers.

All: We are people who love instead of hate, forgive instead of get even.

 One: So from this day on we proclaim

 All: We are Easter people! Alleluia!

*Make a huge Alleluia! poster. Decorate it with things that make you want to shout “Alleluia!”

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