Church/Family Stewardship Activity

Intergenerational Activity – Being grateful during the Lenten season

Congregations might start during Lent with a reflection series that focuses on how we understand Psalm 24: “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world and those who live in it. “

Everyone is invited to select a very ordinary but “essential” object in his or her life: a car, refrigerator, bicycle, bed, or a favorite tie or pair of shoes.

A special table or bulletin board is set up in the church to receive a symbol or picture of these objects from members for everyone to see.

At home, a picture of the object(s) is placed where every day during Lent each person takes a moment of silence while touching the object and intentionally praying, “Thank you God for providing me with this _______. May I use it to your glory this day and every day”.

All are asked to make short note of what the experience is like and to share it at a family meal or gathering at the end of each week. Perhaps the children can draw a picture of the experience. Insights from those family discussions are then shared both in writing and orally in as many places as possible. All are preserved for later use in the stewardship season.

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