Biblical Art Resource: Old & New Project

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The Old & New Project

This information has been reposted from Virginia Theological Seminary’s Center for Spiritual Resources..

Christians have a complicated history with images. But one thing we know is that some people need them for effective learning. Images invite a different kind of reflection, engage different parts of our brain, help us see and know and experience with a richness that printed or spoken words often cannot.

A good source for beautiful, thought-provoking Biblical art is the Old and New Project:

Old & New Project provides a platform for contemporary graphic artists to exhibit works themed on Biblical stories and passages. It also aims to introduce a new online audience to Biblical art, attempting to replace popular, yet sometimes low-quality, contemporary Biblical artwork with the kind of accessible and honorable work that has historically been associated with the Bible.

Before using this resource, you’ll want to take a look at the project’s core values. Some learners will struggle with the site’s honesty about the “weird, confusing and improper stuff” with which the BIble is so full.

The site has a generous policy about image use on websites and in presentations, so take advantage of this great source for visual storytelling next time you need to help the Bible come alive in a new way.

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2 thoughts on “Biblical Art Resource: Old & New Project

  1. Just to be clear, Old and New Project is NOT a ministry of Virginia Seminary or the Center for Spiritual Resources. We just wrote about it on the Center for Spiritual Resources site. But thank you for helping spread the “word”…we think it’s a terrific resource!

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