Valentine’s Day – Family Faith Formation

We know the primary providers of a child’s faith formation are parents.

Here are some ways families can share their love during the Valentine’s Day season.  

Looking for a meaningful way to countdown to Valentine’s day this year? This FREE Printable Valentine’s Scripture Countdown is simple to make, easy to use! Your kids will love the mystery of it all as they wrap themselves in God’s love!

Find 14 Days of God’s Love Countdown at .

 Other Ideas for Valentine’s Day – Family Faith Formation

Joy Jar

Write the name of family members and extended members on small pieces of paper. Put the names in a large jar. Have each person choose a name from the jar. Make a homemade gift for the person whose name you drew from the jar. Exchange gifts on Valentine Day.

Tree of Love

Find a branch outside and put it in a jar, with an inch or so of marbles to stabilize it. Hang hearts from the branch with the name of people and things you love. Mix and match–go right ahead and hang a heart with “Grandma” right next to “strawberry jelly.”  You might want to start this a week early, and leave paper, pens, scissors, and ribbon out. Your “tree of love” will come into full bloom as family members slowly but surely fill the branches.

14 Reasons Why I Love You

Think of one reason for every day of February leading up to The Day. These can range from the silly to the sublime, for example: “The way you smile at me.” “The way you affirm others.” “You go to the football games and you don’t understand what is going on.”

 From Life Long Faith Associates, 2009


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