Will Our Children Be Generous?

 Today, tomorrow, and every day, children will be exposed to over five thousand messages geared to get them to spend their money on themselves. These messages try to convince children they are worth what they possess. Who will send them the messages about the benefits of being generous people who share and save their money as well as spend it? Who will teach them that they are valued by God just the way they are, regardless of what they own or what they wear?

There are no guarantees that generous parents will raise generous children. Even parents who intentionally practice and teach faithful stewardship habits cannot be assured that their children will be equally motivated to be good stewards in their adult years. However, there are things parents can do to influence their children’s attitudes and actions as co-stewards of the family household. Presbytery’s Resource Center can provide some help with practices and studies too help.

Presbytery’s Resource Center has the following resources to encourage stewardship in children and families.  Let me know if I can send a resource your way.  To search Presbytery’s Resource Center’s database, go to http://presbycc.org/resources/

  • Let the Children Give Time, Talents, Love & MoneyBook by Delia Halverson. Ideas for church leaders and teachers to engage children of all ages in the important task of stewardship. The various activities, designed for multiple settings and situations, will help children understand and accept the responsibility to use their many gifts in ministry.
  • Giving Together: A Stewardship Guide for Families – In her follow-up book to Getting it Together, Carol Wehrheim presents a concise, accessible resource to help families better understand the importance of stewardship: in the family, in the congregation, in the community, and in the world. Reminding us that stewardship is about much more than money, Wehrheim clearly illustrates a more holistic understanding of the concept to include careful consideration of the choices we make that show the role Christian discipleship plays in our lives. Including both a participant’s section and a leader’s guide, Giving Together is ideal for small group or family study.   
  • Kids Have A Lot to Give: How Congregations Can Nurture Habits of Giving and Serving for the Common Good by Eugene C. Roehlkepartain – Congregations clearly have a tremendous opportunity to guide young people to get into the habits of giving and serving. And while much is already happening, much can still be done to strengthen the ways congregations nurture these commitments.  After highlighting some key concepts and outlining the challenges, this 35 page resource offers some concrete ways that leaders in congregations can be more intentional and effective in nurturing generous spirit in youth.

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