Teens, School, & Technology

Check out this information (published in Note to Self).  Some of it might be helpful for parents of teens & some might provide tools for adults working with teens?

So adults have a steep learning curve when it comes to kids in the digital age. The best way to start understanding what’s happening? Talk with them.

To that end, we’re revisiting a conversation from earlier this year that kicked off a series on education and technology. Meet 16-year-old Grace, who shared nine lessons about being a teenager with a smartphone.

Middle school teacher Dierdre Shetler took the conversation with Grace and adapted it for her own classrooms in Phoenix. She helped us write a curriculum you can use too, which we call: A Classroom Activity for Tweens and Teens Everywhere.

The link below shares more resources for a critical, thoughtful school year.


Another helpful article “What Parents Wish Teens Understood about Social Media and Vice-versa” can be found on MaryAnn McKibben Dana’s blog – The Blue Room –


Does your church have a technology policy?

Has your youth group created some tech guidelines for their times together?

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