The Exodus: Hidden Journey Painting

from:   (Click to see a picture of the hidden journey painting.)

This is an easy but inventive way of exploring the journey of the Israelites in the wilderness…

You will need:  Watercolor paints, a white crayon, white paper or card, water

Get children to draw a thick line on the paper with their white crayon.  The line should start at one point on the paper and finish at another but can go in any direction and any wandering that the child wants to take!  The more wandering the better. Swap papers with another child and paint over the paper, covering the whole page and revealing the full journey of the line.

The full journey of the line will only be seen when the paper has been covered in paint.  God knows where we are going, even if we sometimes don’t!

Talk about:  The Exodus story and the journey through the wilderness.   How would you have felt to be journeying for so long? What is the longest journey you have been on?  Have you ever been on a mystery journey? Have you ever started something and not known when you would finish? Have you ever trusted God to show you what to do next? (it would be great for adults to share testimonies here of God leading them!) Pray: Thank God that He is with us wherever we go and whatever we do and that he knows the full picture of what is going to happen. Ask God to help those who don’t know where they are going in life or what to do next.  Write their names or draw them on your painting.

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