Best Youth Ministry Blogs

by Lindsay Elenbaas – reposted from CRC Network

 In this day and age we have so many choices. We make thousands of decisions every day choosing between mundane things such as what to wear that day or what direction to take. With so many choices out their it is hard to know what is the best of the best. As Faith Formation Ministry interns, Libby and I have been making a resource list that meets the needs of anyone from a head pastor, to a parent, to a teenager. While forming our list, we quickly found that there is an overwhelming amount of youth ministry blogs on the internet. Many of them were just variations of each other while others catered to certain audiences. In hopes to narrow searches for indecisive youth workers everywhere and our own resource list, we decided to look through many of them to find the best of the best. Here are some of the best youth ministry websites we could find for a youth workers with a variety of needs:

  • The Source for Youth Ministry– Run by Jonathan McKee, this site uses culture clips to explain Biblical topics and gives reviews on what teens like. This site is great for youth workers and parents alike.
  • Youth Specialties– Includes a job bank full of youth ministry positions, hosts the largest youth worker conference and has an extensive amount of resources
  • Youth Ministry 360– Full of curriculums, resources for parents, teens, and youth workers, runs a discipleship magazine, and has a blog full of helpful training topics
  • Vibrant Faith– Youth/Intergenerational ministry advice and strategy giving through blog posts
  • Fuller Youth Institute– A blog that was birthed from Sticky Faith, an intergenerational youth worker book
  • Urban Youth Workers– tips and testimonials for how to do youth ministry in an urban setting
  • Youth Ministry Media– Helpful ways to relate to teenagers in a digital culture, resources, games, and research trends

Can’t find what you are looking for? Check out this list of The Top 25 Youth Ministry Blogs posted by Youth Cartel or check out the CRC’s own blogs YALT and posts from Youth Ministry on The Network.

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