Theocademy’s Confirmation DVD

Beyond Brainwashing – Once young people learn about our God of Grace and Love, why would they not choose to be Presbyterian? It can’t just be brainwashing. It has to be so much more.

Theocademy Confirmation is the newest creation of the Synod of Mid-America’s Theocademy series featuring interviews conducted by crazy smart kids asking really deep, tough questions of their pastors AND then the pastors giving awesome thoughtful answers that will totally change what Confirmation can be.

Confirmation is now available for special pre-order through August 31.  DVD’s will ship the first week of September.  Please allow time for delivery.

Pre-Order Here →

Scope and Sequence – Theocademy Confirmation is structured to cover the “Great Themes of the Reformed Tradition” as found in the Book of Order (F-2.05).

Lesson 1: “Brainwashing” (What is Confirmation?)

Lesson 2: “Not the Boss of Me” (Sovereignty of God)

Lesson 3: “Get it and Give it” (Grace and Gratitude)

Lesson 4: “Keeping it Real” (The Sacraments)

Lesson 5: “#DFTBA” (God’s Providence)

Lesson 6: “Deal With It” (Election/Predestination)

Lesson 7: “Blessed to be a Blessing” (Election of the People to Service)

Lesson 8: “Reconciled to God” (Election of the People for Salvation)

Lesson 9: “Bound Together” (A Covenant Life)

Lesson 10: “Decent and in Order” (Covenant: An Ordered Life)

Lesson 11: “The Word and the word” (Covenant: Life According to the Word of God)

Lesson 12: “All Good Gifts” (Faith Stewardship)

Lesson 13: “BLING!” (Shunning Ostentation)

Lesson 14: “Very Good” (Proper Use of God’s Creation)

Lesson 15: “No good, dirty sinner” (Human Sinfulness)

Lesson 16: “Idol Factories and Tyrants” (Sinfulness: Idolatry and Tyranny)

Lesson 17: “Ministry of Reconciliation” (Called to work for Transformation)

Presbytery’s Resource Center will purchase a copy of the Confirmation DVD for Coastal Carolina congregations to borrow.

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