Unwrapping the Treasures of the Bible

Children’s Sermon or Children’s Church Activity – Rally Day theme – “Adventures of the Treasurer Seekers”

Our heritage stresses the importance of reading the Bible. This children’s sermon will help children understand the treasurers that await them as they read the Bible.

Children’s Sermon or Children’s Church Activity – Rally Day theme – “Adventures of the Treasurer Seekers”

Getting Ready:

  1. Prepare a Bible by wrapping it in four layers of paper.       Begin with a layer of white tissue paper. Cover this layer with a layer of comic-strip paper (Sunday funnies). The third layer is a covering of gold foil, and the top layer is a layer of brown wrapping paper.
  2. Place the Bible in a treasurer chest.
  3. Create a poster that says “Adventures of the Treasurer Seekers”. Wear a pirate or archeologist costume.
  4. Have a small treasurer map listing stories (with scripture references) rolled up and tied for each child.

The presentation:

Welcome to the Adventures of the Treasurer Seekers! Who might we find searching for treasure?

Display the treasurer chest and ask the children – What is one of the most treasured items of our Christian faith? What is something we have at our seats in worship and in our Sunday school classrooms and even in our homes?   Something with stories about God… Yes, the Bible. Have a child open the chest and take out the pre-wrapped Bible.

Tell the children that the Bible is a special gift from God that helps us to live and grow according to God’s promises. There are many treasurers hidden in the stories and poems found in our Bible.

Hold up the wrapped Bible and show the brown wrapping paper. Say: “We all know that the Bible was written long, long ago. Some parts of the Bible were composed more than a thousand years before Christ was born. Some of the stories come to us from a time before people could even write. This is a sacred book of our faith. The brown paper wrapping reminds us of how old these special stories are. (Let one child remove the brown wrapping paper and return the Bible to you.)

Next we have gold wrapping paper. This is a reminder that our Bible is very valuable. It is filled with life giving treasures and promises from God. Our Bible is both old and valuable. (Ask another child to remove the gold paper.)

Wow! The next wrapping looks interesting!   I think it’s the comic strip or funny papers from the newspaper. The Bible is filled with wonder-filled stories. You hear them in worship, in Sunday school, VBS and Friday Night Life. There are adventure stories, and miracle stories, stories of heroes and stories of villains.   Can you think of one of your favorite stories in the Bible? (Let children share their favorite story.) Have a child remove the comic paper to reveal the white paper.

Tell the children the white paper reminds us that the Bible is not only old, valuable and entertaining, but it is also inspired. It came from people who had a special understanding of God. (Let a child remove the last layer of paper and hold up the Bible.) Say: It is not like any other book.   When we read it, we discover what God is like, God’s promises to us, and how God wants us to live. We can all join in the adventures of the Treasurer Seekers as we read, explore and discover the promises of God.

PRAYER: Thank you God for the many treasures you have provided in the Bible. Amen.

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