What if you could keep your church doors open 24/7?

What is your church’s digital strategy?

One of the most intriguing things Jesus did over and over again was meet people right where they were. Sometimes that pushed cultural boundaries, and it most definitely pushed the frontiers of first century traditions. Today, we live in a social, digital, technological, tweet-able, shareable, connected world. Our experiences and relationships play out in different ways than they once did. Their point of origin, where they gain depth, and how they form our faith are no longer confined to a physical time and place. We believe this is an asset, an opportunity, and a holy challenge for the Church today.If we all could keep our church doors open 24/7 with full access to the faith forming value that our communities have, we would do it in a heartbeat. That’s the opportunity we have by paying attention to digital strategy as a ministry reality. When we embrace digital hospitality as a first word of welcome, we meet people as Jesus did, in the spaces and places they already live and learn. We’ve moved far beyond the need for a website so people can find directions to church.

Find more information at http://vibrantfaith.org/   .

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