Steps for Creating or Revitalizing Ministry with Children

Eleven steps for creating or revitalizing ministry with children posted from the PC(USA) web site.

1. Nurture the spiritual journeys of expectant, adoptive, and foster parents before and after children arrive.

2. Be as attentive to spaces where children spend their time as you are to the sanctuary. Consider issues of accessibility, cleanliness, art and decor, and safety.

3. Adopt or strengthen child-protection policies with clear guidelines for all youth and adults who work with children.

4. Encourage adults and children to get to know each other by name and learn one unique thing about the other person.

5. Celebrate children’s milestones as an act of worship (birth, baptism, entering school, Bible presentations, commissioning, graduations).

6. Identify ministry roles for children (greeters, junior ushers, Scripture readers, banner carriers, acolytes, offering attendants, Communion cup collectors, pencil sharpeners).

7. Encourage adults to apprentice children when they do the ministry of the church (visiting the elderly, preparing Communion trays, delivering meals, groundskeeping, sending cards, creating care packages).

8. Build relationships across generations by inviting children to participate in spiritual practices with adults (as prayer partners or in conversation groups).

9. Allow children to take the lead with child-centered stewardship education by researching needs, selecting giving options, creating publicity, and planning and collecting pledges of time, talent, and money.

10. Offer children feedback that will help them identify their God-given gifts and recognize God’s call and claim on their life.

11. Engage children in mission, such as collecting food for food pantries, packing disaster cleanup kits, or compiling toiletry kits for homeless shelters.

Get Help

• Contact—Candace Hill, coordinator of educational ministries, at or 800-728-7228 x5166

• Curriculum—Find biblically based Presbyterian and Reformed curricula for children, including the new Growing in Grace & Gratitude:

• Resources—for links to relevant websites as well as information about choosing educational resources and developing lifelong learning goals:

• Discipleship—Help children develop their gifts of service and generosity through the Compassion, Peace, and Justice mission area:

• Training—Equip parents and adults to nurture children of all developmental abilities through PC(USA)-sponsored Opening Doors to Discipleship:

• Blogs—Explore thoughts on child development and children’s ministries from a variety of online sources, including seminary professors and pastor parents:

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