New PC(USA) Children’s Curriculum – Growing in Grace & Gratitude

Growing in grace and GratitudeYou are invited to sample the new PC(USA) denominational children’s curriculum, Growing in Grace & Gratitude, set to launch this fall. Free samplers include accompanying color resources, a story, and a page for children to use at home with their families. Each sampler includes one session for each age group: Multiage (Ages 5-10), Ages 3-5, Ages 5-7, and Ages 8-10. Order one per church. Additional samples can be downloaded at

Growing in Grace & Gratitude is rooted in the foundation of Presbyterian identity where God’s grace and our gratitude are the heartbeat of our faith, life, and worship; extends an invitation to discipleship that inspires children to learn and practice hospitality, generosity, and love; and reaches beyond Sunday morning, encouraging children to live their lives as an expression of God’s grace.Sessions of Growing in Grace & Gratitude are grounded in Bible stories that reveal God’s grace. Through fun activities, prayer, and singing, children and their leaders will celebrate the meaning of this grace in their lives as they encounter a living God.

2 thoughts on “New PC(USA) Children’s Curriculum – Growing in Grace & Gratitude

  1. Kaye, do we order the sample through you? If not, let me know how we at Big Rockfish would about getting a sample for the 3years to 5years sample. Thank you.

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