Have a Heart! Valentine Fundraiser

Creative Valentine’s Fundraiser – by Graves Memorial Presbyterian Church, Clinton, NC

This Valentine fundraising project turned into a multigenerational, community event. We initially started with the idea of a flocking similar to the flamingo flocking but decided to allow members to make a donation for 3 hand-made huge hearts (made by our awesome youth) to be displayed at the recipient of their choice’s yard for 3 days, minimum $10 donation. A valentine card was also provided with a message of love, and a description of our fundraiser project so the recipient would understand the hearts were just visiting and would be moved to another home in 3 days to spread some more love. We delivered our first set of hearts Feb 1 and continued through the month. We started with 12 sets and quickly realized we needed more sets, we gathered the youth and ended with a total of 19 sets. The members of Graves Memorial were our target group but members quickly caught on that this was a wonderful gift of love and friendship and donations were made for friends, neighbors, and relatives to receive hearts as well. We had hearts in yards all over Sampson County. We raised over $1,300.00 dollars for youth missions!!!

So, 2 weeks before our kickoff we gathered our creative youth, plastic boards and lots of decorations from the Dollar Tree. (Tinsel, stickers, foam shapes) Large hearts were cut from the boards and youth decorated them as they wished. We had wooden stakes donated and the hearts were attached with a staple gun. We grouped the hearts together by 3’s for delivery. This year we will have teams and paint our stakes 3 different colors for delivery. It took a little planning and paperwork but was definitely worth the smiles and sometimes happy tears.

For our shut-ins who couldn’t enjoy the hearts outside we made a grouping of 3 small hearts. These hearts were made out of construction paper, placed on popsicle sticks and “planted” in a Dollar Tree coffee mug. These were also a $10 donation.

Contact kayebledsoe@presbycc.org to see a couple of pictures of our youth hard at work making the hearts and the 2nd picture is our finished product bringing love to the neighborhood!!!


submitted by Elder, Bonnie Barr




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