Take a look at this interactive, reflective, faith formation event held at our Wildwood Presbyterian Church in Newport, NC.   Definitely one for the Advent folder!

Below is an email from Rev. Robbie Phillips, the pastor at Wildwood Presbyterian Church sharing the idea.

Hello Kaye,

I wanted to let you know what we did here at Wildwood for the first Sunday of Advent, an evening program.

We fellowshipped with a meal and then everyone had a chance to walk the Advent Spiral (Advent Garden…..Spiral Garden).   It is similar to a Labyrinth.  It was made with pine trimmings and leaves in the front yard.  (Ill try to put a picture on FB)  Folks walked in contemplating darkness, chaos, busy lives……whatever they needed to consider.  In the center was an angel.  She handed out little votives (battery operated) and folks walked out of the spiral with the light of Christ.  It’s a contemplative, centering practice.  We then went into the sanctuary with our lights and picked up some chrismons.  We sang some favorite Christmas Carols.  Everyone helped decorate the tree.  It was lit at the end, while we sang O Come all Ye Faithful.  It was a great evening.  We began the season with quiet reflection.  We all can hang onto to this peaceful image of our faith, as we move into a very busy time around here.

Share with others as you see fit.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Robbie C. Phillips

Pastor of Wildwood Presbyterian Church

Newport, NC

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