Try Developing Faith Through This Language Activity

Creative Writing in Faith Formation

Posted by Sharon Pearson on February 22nd, 2013

When we draw on the arts in faith formation, we often turn to the works of professional writers, musicians and artists to stimulate our imaginations, deepen our reflections and inspire our prayerful responses. We can also remember, however, that all of us have creative abilities on which we can draw directly through creative art experiences.

Learning to communicate with others is one of the first tasks of childhood. Even as adolescents and adults spend less time in spontaneous drawing or music making, we find ways to communicate through language every day. From emails to shopping lists, from memos to birthday cards, from office gossip to family jokes, we use language – and play with it – every day.

That doesn’t mean that creative writing comes easily to everyone! As with movement or drawing, some of us have decided we can’t use language easily or well.

One easy way to involve everyone in a language activity is to work together. This takes the pressure off of individuals to perform alone. You can put up an incomplete sentence such as, “Peace is . . .” Ask how many ways the group can finish this sentence. Write down their contributions, if you suspect some group members can’t read or write. Encouraging people to call out their answers out loud invites more responses because that’s how brainstorming works. We respond not merely to the initial sentence starter, but to one another’s ideas. A tip: studies show that by switching the color marker you use from time to time, you’ll generate both more responses and more kinds of responses as well.

Click the link to read about magnetic poetry kits.

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