MILESTONES for Faith Formation – Church & Family Partnering

Milestones Ministry Model: Raising a Jesus-Loving Generation

From the Highrock Church web site.

Welcome to Milestones! This curriculum is Highrock’s way of partnering with parents in raising a Jesus-loving generation by coming alongside you during key transitions or spiritual milestones in the formation of your child. To understand more about what this curriculum is all about, we encourage you to check out our 11 minutes Milestones Introduction. You can listen right now, download it for later, or read the text.

We currently have eleven Milestones, but will likely be adding more in the upcoming year. The Milestones that are highlighted below have additional materials that you can access by clicking on that Milestone. If you are new to Highrock and want to get a sense of what a Milestone looks like, try out Milestone 1: The Call, which is done completely online. That material is designed for new parents, but most of the concepts apply to parents with kids of any age!


Milestones The Call Milestone 1: The Call

Who: Parents who are Dedicating or Baptizing their child

What: Three MP3 messages and some homework to do with your spouse about starting out as a parent, continuing to build your marriage, and setting realistic expectations for you and your child. These will be followed up by a meeting with a pastor and then the baptism or dedication ceremony.

Milestones The Blessing Milestone 2: The Blessing

Who: Parents of Preschoolers

What: A seminar on establishing a faith foundation for your child that is built on unconditional love and acceptance. Words of blessing, blessing ceremonies, and blessing activities will all be given. The seminar will also offer connection points for using the preschool Sunday School curriculum in creative and meaningful ways at home.

milestones the disciple Milestone 3: The Disciple

Who: Parents of Preschoolers

What: A seminar for parents focusing on connecting their discipline with the root concept of making disciples. Practical ideas will be offered on how to discipline your child in ways that go beyond behavior management toward faith formation.

Milestones The Calendar Milestone 4: The Calendar

Who: Parents of Kindergarteners

What: A seminar that highlights ways to make God the Big Rock in your family. Resources and ideas will be given for enjoying God with your family at meal times, drive times, bed times, and morning times.

milestones the lords supper Milestone 5: The Lord’s Supper

Who: 1st Graders and their Parents

What: A Saturday night meal, prior to joining a Sunday Communion Service. The meal will involve reenacting the Last Supper with families as we teach the meaning and significance of the Last Supper. Kids will then be invited to join the Communion Worship Service the following morning.

Milestones The Bible Milestone 6: The Bible

Who: 2nd Graders and their Parents

What: Teaching and training for kids and parents on how to read and understand the Bible. Memory verses and other goals will be given to the kids as they prepare to receive a Bible in the spring during a Bible Presentation Ceremony at church.

milestones the preparation

Milestone 7: The Preparation

Who: 4th and 5th Graders and their Parents

What: A retreat experience where parents and preteens are prepared for the transition to adolescence. Teaching will be offered on how to navigate the changes, keep spiritual conversations going, and capture the amazing formation opportunities that exist during the teenage years.

Milestones The Church Milestone 8: The Church

Who: Middle School Students and their Parents

What: A three week class for Middle School students that explains the Church and the role teens have in it. We will discuss Our Commandments (Love God, Love Others), Our Communion (the Lord’s Supper), and Our Commission (Go make disciples). There will also be a Parent’s Lunch to discuss developmental changes and spiritual opportunities in adolescence.

Milestones The Story Milestone 9: The Story

Who: 9th Graders, Parents, and Sponsors

What: A thirteen week class to prepare students for Confirmation or Baptism. We will walk through the Story of God starting with creation and moving all the way through history to the modern day church. Students will interact with sponsors and their parents throughout the class as they prepare for the final ceremony.

milestones the partnership Milestone 10: The Partnership

Who: 10th Graders and their Parents

What: A class on becoming a member at Highrock. We will go through the material covered in the adult version of the class, but gear it toward teens and nurturing their faith formation and ownership. Our dream is that our teens will begin to partner fully with the larger body of Christ, enjoying not just the youth ministry, but all the ministries throughout Highrock.

Milestones the Calling Milestone 11: The Calling

Who: 11th or 12th Graders

What: Students will take a retreat and spend time thinking about their calling as Christians and use of their gifts for God’s glory. We will take them through materials based on a study that traced the spiritual formation of high school seniors through their first three years of college and identified the commonalities of students whose faith lasted.

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