Commissioning Teachers –

Have you scheduled a Sunday in which you will recognize all those volunteers who minister with children, youth, and adults? Whether you call them “teacher” or not, they will be the front line for mentoring and passing along the faith to young and old alike. Download this Commissioning of Church School Teachers, or adapt it for your own use. 

Teacher Training –  

If you are looking for teacher training resources, check out these items:

1)Opening Doors to Discipleship – – This free web-based program features 4 courses: A) Teaching Skills; B) Bible Background; C) Presbyterian/Reformed Faith; D) Discipleship.  The courses can be done by individuals or in a group setting.  The PCUSA login code is 31627.

1)    Equipping the Saints by Sara Covin Juengst – This book provides a nine-month teacher-training course that covers biblical background, basic Christian beliefs, and good teaching techniques.  This book is available for borrowing in Presbytery’s Resource Center.  800-277-7479 or .


STEWARDSHIP – Responsive Prayer Connects Offering , Ministry & Community

Responsive Prayer Celebrates the Stewardship of Life When Receiving the Offering

By Glenn Taibl

“Many congregations take the offering instead of receiving it. They use it as a commercial break instead of as a sacramental act. At best, it is an unthinking ritual to meet the church’s budget. We make a quick prayer over it, with churchy background music. At worst, the offering has no connection at all with why we gather to worship God.” With these words, Mark Vincent tweaks our conscience and imaginations as we take a look at the time of offering as a time to celebrate the Stewardship of life with Christ at the center.

The stewardship team of one congregation began to wrestle with the notion of expanding the time of offering to include the receiving of gifts as stewards of God’s daily out pouring of abundance. The team identified 35 areas of stewardship including ministry within the parish as well as life experienced in vocations, family and community. They decided to write a responsive offertory prayer each week lifting up one of these 35 areas of stewardship. The congregation launched this new “Receiving of the Offering” on the first Sunday of the new school year. As the offering was received a responsive prayer included the stewardship of all who worked with the children of the community in home and schools, Sunday schools and community programs. The work of the people for the children was offered up as gifts of stewardship. The next week, the congregation “offered” up prayers for those who work in the medical field and the next week all people who created community by being public servants. The message was to emphasize that we are receiving the offering of all of life with Christ at the Center.

One of the members of the stewardship team asked a great question as the weekly prayers were being created and we looked for ways to interpret these acts of stewardship as we identified each week’s focus at the beginning of the service. She said, “We end each Sunday’s worship with the statement, ‘Go in Peace and Serve the Lord!’ but we never ask people how it had gone since last Sunday’s blessing.” For her, this seemed to be a part of the stewardship offering we were receiving as we gathered for weekly worship. She wanted the offering we were receiving on Sunday to reflect the blessing that accompanied us into home, work place and community during the week. How has it gone for you since last Sunday? God is anxious to receive your offering of life’s gifts.

The congregation did not diminish the role that monetary offering plays in making many of the expanded areas of stewardship a reality in our daily lives. If anything the money was now more connected to being centered in all of life. How we receive the offering can make a difference in congregations that are interested in creating a culture of generosity.    

About the Author – Glenn Taibl is a Co-Director for the Center for Stewardship Leaders.

Staying Connected with Families Over Summer Vacation


Here’s an idea of a way for the church to stay connected with families during summer vacation trips.  I found this idea on First Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, NC web site.

Traveling this summer? The Children’s Christian Education Committee invites you to take a piece of First Presbyterian Church with you! “Roofus the Rooster” wants to go on your vacation with you, be photographed with your family on location, and then wants his picture posted on the First Presbyterian Church Facebook page. Let’s see how many exciting adventures Roofus can have this summer!

Really cute! Click this link to see a video of Roofus asking to accompany families on their summer vacations.                          

 Printed pictures of Roofus are available in the coffee kitchen and a printable version is here. Pick up or print your copy and take the First Presbyterian rooster with you on vacation this summer.

Take a look at where Roofus has been so far here on First Presbyterian’s  Facebook page.

Own Your Space: Online Safety eBook for Teens

Looking for ways to keep teens safe on the internet?


Own Your Space is a free, sixteen-chapter ebook that aims to educate teens on internet safety. Written by Linda McCarthy in partnership with Microsoft, the ebook goes into great detail about protecting teens and their online spaces. It is directed towards tech-savvy teens, and avoids patronizing language or repetitive safety information. Instead, the book covers important topics like how to stay safe on social networking sites, keeping private blogs secure, and how to deal with cyberbullies.

Chock full of  screenshots, safety tips and important statistics, this ebook is a great resource for teachers and parents alike. Keep in mind, however, that the ebook does not cover much content relating to Macs, but still encompasses a good amount of general safety information. Written using humor, captivating images and web safety anecdotes, Own Your Space provides teens with a comprehensive guide to keeping themselves safe online.

Download the ebook here by chapter or…

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