PENTECOST IDEAS –  discovered on the web

What is PENTECOST and how can we CELEBRATE it?

For Christians, Pentecost is a holiday on which we commemorate the coming of the Holy Spirit on the early followers of Jesus. Before the events of the first Pentecost, which came a few weeks after Jesus’ death and resurrection, there were followers of Jesus, but no movement that could be meaningfully called “the church.” Thus, from an historical point of view, Pentecost is the day on which the church was started. This is also true from a spiritual perspective, since the Spirit brings the church into existence and enlivens it. Thus Pentecost is the church’s birthday. Read more:

Check out an interactive Pentecost worship idea I found at Theresa E. Cho’s blog…Still Waters.

 The ideas below were listed on The Billabong website – worship resources following the Revised Common Lectionary.

 A family service of celebration of Pentecost – The service is divided into two parts, ”Remembering” and “Hoping”.

The Coming of the Holy Spirit – celebrating Pentecost with a play and a ‘party’   

Pentecost – extended family Agape – a suggestion for to continuing the celebration in extended family home celebrations throughout the week following Pentecost.

A Pentecost Celebration of Gifts of the Spirit – seven large red candles…

Celebrating Pentecost with All-Age Participative Worship – worship-in-the-round celebrating the giving of the Holy Spirit and its breath, wind, soul, power, change, life, helper, comforter attributes.

Symbols for Pentecost – some suggestions for making symbols to be used in Pentecost celebrations.

The Festival of the God who is here – An order of worship for Pentecost.

Sparklers and a big red rose – Invite everyone to bring to the service something which symbolises the Day of Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit and the Gift of Unity – A service of worship that includes all ages together.

All Ages Together at a Pentecost Birthday Party – Pentecost provides a unique opportunity for an exciting intergenerational event to mark a special day in the church calendar.

Luminarias for Pentecost – hundreds of home-made candles placed inside paper bags

A Handful of Pentecost ideas.

Kites for Pentecost – Kites, painted with the symbols of Pentecost – the dove, the wind and the flames of fire; and they flew!

A Litany of Hope – Based on Ezekiel 37:11 RSV: Behold, they say, ‘Our bones are dried up, and our hope is lost; we are clean cut off.” 

May the winds of the Spirit of Pentecost move us to new adventures in Christ’s name!



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