FREE New Member Training Videos and more to come…

Being included in the awesome google group of PC(USA) Resource Center Directors is wonderful!  Here’s the latest resource shared through that online group. 

Introducing THEOCADEMY – 

I wanted to let you know about a free, new collection of videos available at .

What is Theocademy?

Theocademy is a way for Presbyterians to form their faith anytime, anywhere.

Drawing on the vast gifts of our denomination, Theocademy wants to provide members of the Presbyterian Church (USA) with the finest theological education they can get short of attending one of our 10 seminaries.

Currently, we are working on two sets of video lessons, one for use in NEW MEMBER classes and a second for helping ELDERS AND DEACONS better understand the ministry they have been called to.

Future plans include:

  • A series for training Commissioned Ruling Elders
  • A Bible Content Exam prep course
  • In-depth biblical studies
  • Introductions to important theologians and theological movements

Theocademy is a project of the Synod of Mid-America and its partners, including

  • The Synod of Lincoln Trails
  • The Synod of Lakes and Prairies
  • Omaha Presbyterian Seminary
  • The Heartland Center
  • University of Dubuque Theological Seminary
  • Louisville Seminary
  • McCormick Seminary

 The training videos are free.  The first set is on new members, soon to be followed by videos for ruling elders and deacons.  There are others in the pipeline

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