Make a Resurrection Set – Children’s Activity

Make a Resurrection Set: Hands-on Easter Learning

religious Easter craft for kidsChildren learn through stories. In this case, they can even tell it themselves. Parents and teachers do an excellent job of bringing the Christmas nativity story to life, so why not Easter?

Check out this resource from Catholic Icing. It’s perfect for families to use at home, or for Sunday school directors to use at church. You might consider making one for the church nursery, or placing a set on a table near the church entrance as a sample.

Created by Lacy Rabideau in 2009, Catholic Icing offers crafts, recipes, and hands-on ideas. Lacy writes, “It is my mission to bring Christian fun to families on the internet for free, and I am always working on adding to my library of Catholic crafts!”

Click here to see The Resurrection Set at Catholic Icing

How to Download
Click the link above for full instructions and pictures.
You can download Lacy’s black and white images for free.
In addition, you can get the full-color images for $2, or as a free gift for subscribing to the site.
Note: if you don’t have empty toilet paper rolls, simply use cardstock rolled into tubes.

Some ideas for using the Resurrection set with children
Employ the Biblical narrative, introducing the characters as you tell the basics of the passion and resurrection stories. You might use a children’s Bible to help guide you along.

It is important, regardless of the book you are using, to tell children that Jesus died, and was buried, and rose again. Oftentimes, this needs no elaboration.

Here are some of our favorite Biblical storybooks for very young children.

The Bible for Young Children by Marie Helene Delval

The Spark Story Bible

Two books by Patricia Pingry: The Easter Story and The Story of Easter

After telling and showing them the story, let children play. Encourage them to tell you the story. You can help by reminding them of the characters. Make sure to encourage and thank them. And remind them that Jesus loves them.


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