Your Best VBS EVER! Tips from experts

I’ll be sharing some 25 VBS Tips shared by a GROUP Publishing VBS representative.  Here are the first 5.

1. Gather a prayer team who is committed to pray for specific needs of your VBS. Each week, give

your team an exact topic to pray about, such as safety, staffing, budget, and outreach.

2. Choose your theme in early January, then make use of that time! Volunteers often have more

free time in January and February, and may be available to work on decorating prep. Plus, it’s a

great way to escape from the gray days of winter!

3. Create excitement at the beginning of the year by holding a VBS reveal contest for kids, similar to

what Group does every summer. Post clues in your children’s ministry every week for one month.

Let each child submit one guess per week. All winning guesses get a special VBS prize.

Announce the theme and information at the end of the month.

4. Publicize your VBS during your community outreach events such as Easter, Christmas, back-toschool,

events, and fall festivals. Pass out eye-catching fliers that include the VBS dates and how

to sign up. Parents will be


delighted to have the dates and info on their calendars so early!

5. Network with other local churches who are using the same VBS theme. Create a calendar that

shows when each church is having VBS, so everyone can share larger items such as stage set

and decorations. You can also pass along any leftover opened packages of supplies. (Sharing

supplies can equal significant savings—in dollars 

and in time!) Plus, if churches can keep the

same week for their VBS each year, it’s easy to count on sharing decorations.

Once you’ve established a network, plan team work days to create the sets and decorations. This

is a great way to get a big job done while you get to know each other. Have a “Decorating Party”

and promote it like it’s the most fun social event of the year! Find ways to include all ages (even 2

year olds can sponge paint pizza boxes to create a rock wall) and invite various groups in your

church to do specific tasks. Provide pizza and celebrate your work!

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