transcendent music

These life-giving thoughts are shared from my daughter on her 38th birthday…carpe diem!

cutting the cookie cutter

It seems every birthday after 35 just becomes one year closer to 40. I sometimes forget how old I really am because in my mind, I am almost 40. I don’t know why there is such a stigma on that age. I turned 38 yesterday and was lucky enough to be home most of the day. After a long breakfast I dug out an old mix CD that a good friend made for me years ago. I brought the CD down to the basement with me to play as I worked on creations for soft edge designs (my etsy store). I may have been turning a year older yesterday morning but while listening to some old favorites and doing what I love to do I felt younger than I have in a long time. At 38 I felt 23 again.  I embraced that feeling as I danced around the basement to the…

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