Is discipleship the goal?   Take a look at this curriculum from Presbyterian Mission Agency.

This curriculum could be used for an adult Lenten study, with session members or by individuals.

ENGAGE CURRICULUM – from Presbyterian Mission Agency

Organized in 3 studies with 7 sessions in each study.

Engage: Gospel

Engage: Discipleship

Engage: Mission

There is a simple disciple-making inventory at the beginning of the Engage: Discipleship study that uses the four essentials of worship, fellowship, learning, and serving.

Worship – In what ways is worship challenging and equipping you for discipleship?  How do you engage in prayer, both personally and within the community?  What spiritual disciplines do you practice that help draw you closer to God, and are you contemplating others?

Fellowship – In what ways are you involved in supporting and enjoying the church’s fellowship? Where in the church do you receive support, encouragement, and guidance for your discipleship?

Learning – In what ways are you rooting your life in Bible study and other Christian education offerings?  What are the educational settings where you are growing in faith and understanding?  Are there some significant insights you have come to learn about yourself and your call to discipleship?

Serving – In what ways are you using your gifts in serving through the ministry of our church?  Is there a current ministry or new ministry in which you would like to serve?  Where is God calling you to serve?  What is a gift you offer in serving?

Contact me to preview the curriculum or order from the Church Store –                    

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