When there is an infant or child baptism scheduled, ask a children’s Sunday school class or children’s church to decorate a baptism box to give to the baby, filled it with baptism symbols, and write a promise to the baby. Promise Example: “I promise to pray for you and show you where the good cookies are at coffee hour.”

During the baptism, parishioners are invited to add their own promises (written on slips of paper provided) to the box, which is then given to the parents following worship.

Some of the baptism symbols/gifts for the box could be: sea shell, dove, Water Come Down (book by Walter Wangerin), baby’s blanket, a list of parent prayers for their children, etc.

Purchase a supply of nice white gift boxes and pretty ribbon to have on hand for this.

This idea came from a blog article “A Disciplined Experiment on Changing Worship” by Theresa E. Cho.


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