Connecting Technology & Worship

Here are 3 simple ways to begin embracing the technology of smart phones, e-readers, and tablets without choosing to overhaul the worship liturgy and music during a Sunday morning worship service. Imagine…
Getting a Bulletin: Instead of receiving a paper bulletin from an usher, post a QR Code on the wall in the narthex or door of the sanctuary. Scan the code with your smart phone, e-reader, or tablet, and BAM- The worship bulletin is on your device with easy access to the bulletin all week: to refer back to the announcements, check the calendar, and pray for the people listed under the Prayer Concerns and Celebrations.
Processing the Sermon: “Live tweet” or share thoughts via Facebook. If the church uses a specific hashtag (#ChurchName), then a conversation can begin among worship goers and continue all week as people ruminate on the sermon. This invites the congregation into a discussion that has the potential to go deeper than just hearing the sermon.
Offering: Instead of putting cash or a check into the offering plate, pick up a card from the pew rack and scan a QR code which takes you to a webpage for online giving, or to a website for giving to a special offering. All of this is done from the pew while the offertory music plays.

Find more ways in a blog “Masterin’ the Pastorin’ by Rebecca Chancellor—

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