Real Kids, Real Faith

The Presbytery of Coastal Carolina was blessed to have Karen Marie Yust, Professor of Christian Education at Union Presbyterian Seminary provide leadership at our Equipping the Saints event.

Karen Marie shared information and practical ideas for promoting faith formation in intergenerational settings. 

Her book titled “Real Kids, Real Faith” is chocked full of insights and practices for nurturing children’s spiritual lives. In her chapter on storytelling, she shares 5 aspects of story-linking. Here is a snippet from that chapter: 

“We can invite our children to create a mural for their bedroom or playroom wall that includes scenes from their favorite Bible stories. Older children might create comic strip renditions of stories or trading cards containing an image or note worthy fact about various biblical characters.  Washable window paints or markers turn glass surfaces into storyboards on which children can tell the stories of their tradition to the neighborhood, especially around religious holidays, then wash one set away and begin again.”

Another idea for sharing stories at home is to mount a dry erase board in the family eating area.  At the end of each meal, invite family members to draw images of stories, and of ways they are living faithfully.

Members of the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina can borrow Karen Marie’s book from Presbytery’s Resource Center.

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