Quick Links To Lent/Easter Resources

We fast approach the Lenten season, so I’ve located some links that might provide help as you create faith formation opportunities for the children in your congregations. One idea is for an intergenerational Lenten Fair. The fair began as an idea generated in a meeting. Our need for more intergenerational programs and to learn more about Lent motivated us to plan a special event during Lent. We wanted to plan a program in which people could participate instead of just observe. After some discussion about different . possibilities, we decided to begin making plans for our first Lenten Fair.

These links are provided by the MINISTRY MATTERS web site.

Click the link below to access the ideas:


Presbytery’s RESOURCE CENTER has the following resources listed in these links. 

The Easter Garden: Lenten Experience for Children, by Daphna Lee Flegal

Sharing the Easter Faith with Children by Carolyn Brown

The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus (children’s guide) to study by Adam Hamilton

Contact kayebledsoe@presbycc.org to borrow them.                       


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