Planting Allelulias

Found on the vibrantfaith@home web site.

On Ash Wednesday, many churches “bury the alleluias,” meaning they do not say the word alleluia in worship during Lent.  Explore this concept with your family by “planting your alleluias” in the form of seeds.  By Easter, you will see the miracle of growth and new life.    For Young Family  Season Winter 
Needed Rye grass seed or other lawn grass seed, measuring cup, potting soil, plastic fork, disposable foil roasting pan, spray bottle; optional: plastic play people, craft sticks, flower stickers  Prepare in Advance  • Fill roasting pan halfway with potting soil. • Put some grass seed in a measuring cup. • Fill spray bottle with water.  Activity Plan 1. Say this prayer aloud to begin. 
Loving God, during the season of Lent, help us to learn about the new life you bring through Jesus. Amen. 
2. Explain that on Ash Wednesday, many churches “bury the alleluias”—they will not use the word alleluia in worship during the season of Lent. They are saving this happy word for Easter Sunday. 
3. Show your family the seeds and say: “Let’s pretend that each of these little seeds is an alleluia. We’ll bury them in the soil and see what surprises God has in store for us as we wait for Easter.” 
4. Have family members take turns using their fingertips to pick up a few seeds and sprinkle them on the soil. Continue until seeds are fairly evenly sprinkled over the soil. Take turns using a plastic fork to gently stir the seeds into the top ¼” of the soil.  5. Ask your child(ren) to spray water on the soil until it is well-dampened. As they do this, say that God will use the water to help your Alleluia Garden grow. Place the pan by a window. 6. Each day, have children spray the soil. As the seeds start to sprout and take root, have them water twice a day.   7. On Easter Sunday, gather around the Alleluia Garden and run your hands over the grass as you say, “Thank you, God, for giving us new life! Alleluia!” 8. Variation: On Easter, place plastic play people in the Alleluia Garden to make a scene of the story of Jesus’ resurrection. Place flower stickers on craft sticks and stand them in the garden. You might also use stones or shells or other natural items to decorate the Alleluia Garden. 9. After Easter, transplant the grass to a spot in your yard or compost it. Recycle the foil pan. d this activity for the beginning of Lent at VibrantFaith@Home web site.


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