Mission Camp @ VBS


Christian Educator, Kathryn McGregor, shares a new mission twist on VBS. This may be an answer to engaging your 4th and 5th graders in your VBS program or it may give you some ideas for how this age group can learn to serve others.

Read her article posted at the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators’ blog post.



Praygrounds for Children


Praygrounds, or dedicated areas in the worship space for children, are a wonderful new development many churches have added. But, what if you don’t have a dedicated space? We share our small sanctuary with another congregation, so a permanent area with furniture or baby equipment wasn’t an option for us. Instead, we use the empty floor area up front as a space where children can come for a worshipful activity during the sermon.
Christine Hides shares five guidelines she uses to select activities that are both practical and reflect her beliefs about the faith development of children. Find Christine’s guidelines and examples at her website – https://christinevhides.com/2017/08/28/prayground-activities-for-the-september-lectionary/ .

The Tech-Wise Family

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Book Review: The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch

Posted December 15, 2017 by Derek Radney in Derek Radney, Food for Thought at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem, NC

A headline here. A new study there. We’re learning more and more about the massive and rapid technological changes taking place right under our noses everyday. And we suspect these changes are impacting us in subtle and unseen ways. We feel like we can’t concentrate like we used to. Our memory doesn’t seem as good as it once was. Our kids seem hyper all the time, and we can’t imagine taking them to a restaurant without a device to keep them quiet.

Life for us and for our children is different than it used to be, but we aren’t sure what to do about it. Sometimes we wonder if we should swear off all new technology and go back to a simpler time. But it doesn’t take long before we realize that this isn’t really possible. We can’t avoid the changes that have come and will continue to come. So what can we do? Do we just surrender and hope for the best?

Enter Andy Crouch and his excellent book The Tech-Wise Family, a book aimed at helping us to put technology in its proper place so that our households can become places and communities where we can grow into wise and courageous people.

Find the complete book review with helpful section outlines at http://www.trinitychurchws.com/blog/ .

A New Year Prayer Practice

A New Year Prayer Practice.
I was thinking we need a tangible way to pray as we enter 2017. Something simple yet having impact.
So here’s my New Year Prayer Centerpiece.
I am re-purposing my advent wreath but if you are...

NEW YEAR PRAYER CENTERPIECE by Lilly Lewin from her blog Lilly’s Pad – A Pilgrimage of Discovery and Creativity

A New Year Prayer Practice.
I was thinking we need a tangible way to pray as we enter 2017. Something simple yet having impact.
So here’s my New Year Prayer Centerpiece.
I am re-purposing my advent wreath but if you are starting from scratch, you will need 5 candles of the same size. a plate, or dish to hold the candles, a lighter to light candles with each day, and the prayer.
This practice can be done by you as an individual, as a family at breakfast or dinner time, or at youth group or as a part of your small group gathering. use larger candles for a larger group. if you are doing this as a family, let each person light a different candle and pray the prayer or you can print out the prayer and pray it together.

Find the entire post at http://lillylewin.tumblr.com/ .

Advent Calendar for Children & Adults


Sybil Macbeth’s web site Praying in Color, offers Advent calendars suitable for adults and children. The calendar templates at the link below offer a doable, simple discipline for each day of Advent. Instead of opening daily doors with pictures or retrieving small gifts or candies from pockets, these calendars mark the daily journey to Christmas with your prayers and drawings. The finished Advent calendar is a colorful reminder of what was in your head and on your heart each day. It is a record of the daily spiritual journey through Advent.


Creating a Prayer Corner…& Why

I recently discovered a blog post by Susan Forshey, PhD in which she shares the importance of prayer and creating a visual prayer corner. Below is an excerpt from her blog, The Prayer Corner.

“This space could be simply a bible, an icon, a cross, or some other visual call to prayer. Icons have been used for nearly two thousand years as reminders of the spiritual reality behind our everyday lives. I find photos of loved ones make wonderful prayer prompts.
If you have kiddos, let them help decorate it with things meaningful for them.
It could become a place to stop on the way out the door to work, a place to take a break in the midst of the to-do list, or a place to say good-night, recollecting the presence of God throughout the day.
Simple or elaborate, a prayer corner doesn’t add anything to our schedules, it just gives prayer a more visible place in our daily lives. Seeing the corner day after day can gently capture our attention and call our hearts to prayer.
It only takes a moment, and the world is changed”.

Find the complete article at http://contemplativecottage.com/2012/08/05/the-prayer-corner/ .

Rooted in Love – interactive prayer stations

Rev. Theresa Cho designed the spirituality center at the Presbyterian Women’s Conference in Toronto. The theme was “Rooted in Love” from Ephesians 3.16-20. She took each verse from the scripture and connected it to a prayer activity. She also tried to have a variety to compliment those who prefer hands-on prayers, wordy prayers, and crafty prayers.

Thank you, Theresa, for sharing these prayer centers! Find the creative prayer opportunities at her web site – https://theresaecho.com/2017/05/26/rooted-in-love-ephesians-3-16-20/